Nature walks ease my anxiety

I have spent the whole day absolutely high on antihistamines. I woke up this morning with arms and legs covered in hives and I have pretty much spent the entire day trying to escape the itchy feeling – sleeping, distracting myself numerous way, all rather unsuccessfully.

I was also quite bothered by loneliness today – some days it gets to me a lot, some days I am alright. Oh here we go, whine whine whine, just get some friends if you are lonely. Not that easy when you are socially anxious. Anyway, I decided to take a walk because sometimes it feels like I have to scream if I sit in the flat anymore. I just have to get out of there, out among people. So I went for a nice walk.

I came across this guy in the forest

It was lovely. When I focus on something outside of myself, I feel alright again 🙂
Now it’s time to cook dinner and perhaps watch a good, old Danish movie on the VCR!

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5 thoughts on “Nature walks ease my anxiety

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  2. You are right on about walking — getting outside and letting nature be your focus helps to bring balance into your world. Good job! Thanks for visiting my blog as well!

  3. InnerDialect says:

    Great stuff here … would love to post this on my blog : that okay ?

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