I am not in control

Blue Sky at Sunrise

I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. Many things make me worried. Being a noncustodial mother I also find myself constantly worried for my kid who is in absolutely safe and loving hands. I know the worry for our children is something natural but I think I might be taking it to an extreme. There are so many ‘what if’s’ inside my head. What if he misses me? What if he is sad when I am not there? His dad has assured me that our kid is fine and happy and socially active and I see the proof of it whenever I see him but as soon as I am alone again, there comes the worry. If I could let all these worries go, I would have so much more energy to use for positive things.

I try to think what the harm would be in not worrying quite so much.  The truth is that I control absolutely nothing in this world. I can’t make sure everybody is happy all the time. I can’t make sure I say the right thing and do the right thing every day. I can’t make everybody love me. I can’t stop time from passing and everyone I love getting older.

I must try to worry less. Perhaps find some exercises to do to change the way I think.
Home assignments! First question: What would change within my family and my surroundings if I stop worrying all the time?


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