Writing my way to healing

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That’s it, I am going to write my way to feeling better, like a runner doing a marathon, I will not stop until I reach my goal. Every shrink out there says ‘be sure to get it out, don’t keep anything inside’ so I am going to take it to heart! Every crazy thought, every fear, every joy, everyday silly stuff will be written down here (with the exception of mentioning people I love and care about by name).
Making a journal. Ugh. It sounds like something a 14 year old girl would do. Yet here I go.

It’s been a weird day, feels like I have been through the washing machine‘s super quick program, NOT the soft linen one. I am going to bed thinking I am okay as a person, I’m alright, I could be much much worse. That’s not a bad thought to sleep with.

Thanks to everyone who supported me today, it means more than you might know.

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4 thoughts on “Writing my way to healing

  1. There’s no better shrink than your own journal – and it’s cheap too! Good on you!

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