10 things to remember about depression

1. It’s an illness just like heart disease or diabetes.

2. It’s not being moody.

3. It’s not the same as ‘that time of the month’.

4. I don’t control it.

5. I am genetically inclined for it.

6. Like diabetes or cancer, it cannot be magically wished away.

7. A change of thought pattern is a lot harder than you might think. I try but there will be many setbacks.

8. ‘Toughing it out’ is not even an option.

9. It doesn’t go away if I take more walks or a longer vacation.

10. Best way to help me is not to give advice and tell me to cheer up. The best way to help is to let me feel I have a human connection so I feel loved and protected and listened to.


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3 thoughts on “10 things to remember about depression

  1. HI ya, are you checkin’ if we are reading or if we are counting. Only ten things listed. Thanks for sharing this though, I learnt something!

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