Reba made me smile today

It seems that feeling better and getting my spirits up also means less writing! I mustn’t stop writing, though.. it is part of my healing process. I have had a busy day and I have enjoyed it so much. Usual household chores, laundry, dishes, cooking but most of all messing around with Photoshop (see photos in earlier post).

It surprises me a little that I can be creative when things seem so chaotic. My mind is an absolute mess! Yet I could tear myself away from it all, sit down and play around with photos and colors and shadows and light. I had the best time. Not for a second did I think about the fact that I am depressed. So this day was heaven sent, a most needed break from all the worries.

It’s gonna be hard to keep myself busy all the time but I am not even gonna think about it tonight. I will just soak in the happy feeling, the bliss a woman gets from being creative, kicking off her shoes and listening to some Reba whilst drinking an orange Bacardi Breezer. No really, I did.

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