Culprit found!

Sleeping, male baby cat. Red hair.

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I knew it! It’s the mattress on my bed giving me hives. I have been sleeping on my sofa now for over a week just to test if the bed really IS the cause of my hives and then yesterday night I slept in my bed again and voila, hives on my arms and legs again. There it is. So what to do now? Throw away the mattress? I guess.

All these antihistamines have messed up my sleep pattern. I find myself sleeping in the afternoon and when waking up a few hours, then sleeping again a few hours and waking up at 3-4 AM. Ugh.

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4 thoughts on “Culprit found!

  1. Great! Must feel wonderful to know that you can get some relief from those hives, wish I could clear up my ear as easily – think I might have to give up chocolate though. And there are some things that I refuse to do blocked eustasion tubes or no.

  2. moonlover10 says:

    throw the mattress!! wohooo!

  3. eccentricaesthetics says:

    Well, congrats! Now you just need to get a new mattress and your sleeping troubles SHOULD be over! I’ve been in similar situations when I get up in the middle of the night because of eczema flareups. What to do with your mattress? I wonder if thrift stores take them. It’d be better in some other person’s hands (unless if it gives them hives…) than in a faraway landfill.

    “Antihistamines”, man forget trying to say that 5 times fast.

  4. Aww thanks everyone, you’re very sweet. I am definitely getting rid of the old mattress – will sleep on the sofa until I can afford a new one! Anything to be free of the hives. I have been quite close to removing my own limbs LOL

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