Miss, will you help carry my books?

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Ladies, I want to ask you about Ted Bundy. For those of you who don’t remember him, he was a nasty serial killer who murdered a lot of young women across America in the seventies (maybe even as far back as the sixties). He drove a VW bug, he was charming, he was (according to some sources) chameleon like in his appearance and demeanor.

Would you have gotten into a car with this man? Let’s say you see a really handsome young man struggling to carry a bunch of heavy books because his arm is broken and in a sling. Or let’s say the same handsome young man just needs your help for something. He tells you ‘it will take two minutes‘ and smiles. ‘Come with me to my car‘?

Would you do it? Unfortunately a lot of women did fall for this trick that Ted Bundy used to find his victims. I think about it a lot. Was it really so easy? Just smile and act helpless. Did he have such tremendous ‘luck’ in finding victims because this was the seventies, people were more open-minded than now, more oblivious to any danger. Lots of hitchhikers about. We’re in 2011 now, we’re watching Criminal Minds, CSI and other crime shows, we’ve heard of some major serial crime cases in the media. The seventies was a different era for sure.

Still I can’t help thinking, girls are still being raised to be kind, to be helpful, and of course these are not traits we want to lose in our society. But at which point does it become dangerous to be helpful and kind? Once upon a time it was safe to help a stranger to his/her car. It was alright to have a stranger help carry your groceries to your door. It was even alright to let the male landlord into your flat while you’re there alone.

Is that still safe? Should we be aware of everyone who might potentially attack us in a vulnerable moment? Are we harming our society by constantly being so aware? We lost our innocence but perhaps by losing innocence, we gain some insight and we save some lives? What do you think?

If a handsome young guy asked me to help carry some books to his car, I might wanna help. I might carry those books and when I lean in to put the books on his back seat, he might hit me over the head and take me somewhere to kill me.

With that thought in mind, should we just stop being kind to strangers?

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4 thoughts on “Miss, will you help carry my books?

  1. eccentricaesthetics says:

    Why is it that every male murderer is always handsome? The universe has a crude sense of humor.

    • There are several male murderers who are NOT handsome too lol. It’s just that we get more intrigued when we hear of a handsome one.. like handsome equals nice and friendly. It’s obviously not always like that!

  2. Black Rabbit says:

    OMG. we really need to think and be more aware of negative possibilities when we encounter with strangers! this is scary!!
    this post got me thinking about it for hours lol. -___-
    im worried, coz i am a really helpful girl. O..O im small and thin. omy, gotta learn karate!

    • My brothers shake their heads at me when I talk about how being friendly can be dangerous – but I don’t care! Of course not everyone out there is a predator.. we just need to listen to that voice in our head that warns us of danger. When we feel the little hairs standing up .. that’s the time to LISTEN and act.. !!

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