Is it alright to have no goals?

I spent yesterday afternoon driving around the Danish countryside with my parents and one of my brothers. We didn’t really know where we were going; we just got in the car and drove around, searching for water holes and wild animals. It was a wonderful afternoon even though the wind was awesome and we got a few raindrops.

It’s my 37th birthday tomorrow. I don’t want to get too philosophical about it, except to say that just when I think I have life figured out, it throws me a curve ball and not much makes sense anyway. One comfort though: It’s like that for everybody. Maybe we’re not meant to know all the answers. We’re meant to just keep walking, keep experiencing, keep learning. For someone like me, it’s a rough ride. Like sitting on a roller coaster ride and not having a seat belt on. I keep wanting to grab onto something so that I may breathe easier.

This year I am celebrating my birthday with family. I plan to eat cake and try to breathe easy for the day šŸ™‚

What would happen to us all if we stopped making goals for our lives? Are goals necessary for our well-being or does life get more exciting when you are goal-less? You just live in the now. Now is all there is. If you can spend an afternoon with the family just driving around aimlessly and yet have a wonderful day making lovely memories, can we do the same in life? Just wander around aimlessly and still make a beautiful life?

I wonder.

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One thought on “Is it alright to have no goals?

  1. Rashmi... says:

    Hi there…
    As far as having goals is concerned, what I feel is, you can’t frame goals for your life just for the heck of doing it as a contractual obligation. And nor you can do that, under a pressure of framing goals. Goals, simply defined, are a vision for the life ahead, what you want out of it and they are important because they give us a direction. But sometimes, when things go wrong or messy, it is difficult to recognize our goals. So it’s better to breathe easy. Have some spare time without any kind of pressure. It is a good chance for you as it’s your birthday here. Enjoy your birthday and have maximum fun possible. After that you may sit down to think about you and your life, but with a clear and easy mind. I am sure you’ll reach to some conclusion at least-that’s upto you, what you want to name it-GOALS or something else.

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