It’s my birthday

Thank you, thank you all !

Today I turn .. err .. 38 and I just want to thank my blog readers for giving me such a huge warm welcome to WordPress. When I made this switch, I really didn’t think I would get many readers but I have been pleasantly surprised. Lots of readers, lots of people commenting! So thanks so much.  Now off to have a very special birthday breakfast!

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2 thoughts on “It’s my birthday

  1. eccentricaesthetics says:

    Happy birthday! Man I was so worried that I was late when I saw this post. I’m always late when it comes to telling people, “Happy birthday” and the worst part is that it’s always a day after which makes me look inconsiderate. I try to not say it over facebook (which is what tells me when someone’s birthday is because apparently it’s common wisdom these days) because it’s so impersonal.

    38? You look WAY younger than that chica.

  2. Thanks, that’s sweet of you to wish me a happy birthday! I had such a lovely day.

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