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Change my diaper?

┬áMy birthday was pretty darn good. I originally thought I was turning 37 until the day before when someone informed me it was really 38. I lost an entire year. It’s alright though because with age comes wisdom. So they say.

I spent the day with my parents and one of my brothers (my son was still vacationing with his dad). We ate out for lunch and for dinner we had some rather delicious Chinese food. Baked shrimp – OH GOD, how amazing!

Without becoming too philosophical in my old age, I have decided to start collecting owls. They are wonderful, beautiful creatures. Wise like me. Plus they can twist their heads all the way around.. unlike me. Fascinating. So if you have any owls left over, please contact me.

By the way, I was being kinda whiny about turning 38 and I was wondering out loud whether half of my life has gone already. My mum (another wise woman) told me that the best part is coming. I do believe she is right. I just had to have a little think about it. I, as a woman and as a human being, is at that stage in life where things are finally starting to settle down a little bit. I have a bit of life experience, I am starting to recognize which men are jerks and which ones are alright, I am more comfortable in a lot of areas of my life. So if I only get calmer and more secure the older I get, I am fine with aging.

On the other hand, there’s that nasty time coming when I will need someone to change my diaper. Dilemma.

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