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Hello Kitty therapy

If you feel blue, go shopping. So I did. By the way, the blueness has more turned into a greenish kinda thing, the kind where you are not really concerned so much but still feel a little sting when a certain person comes to mind . . but I much prefer green to blue.

So I went shopping this morning and I came back with two things – which is totally amazing for me since I usually come back with pretty much nothing. My mind is forever going ‘I don’t need this’, ‘I can probably get a used one of these elsewhere’, ‘My dad can probably find me one of these’.. and so on. But today I kicked some serious shopping ass.

First of all, new pair of trousers, tight fit – or as some would say ‘Wow you are really punishing those trousers‘.

And the second purchase:

Hello Kitty eye shadow, six shades. There’s just nothing like Hello Kitty to brighten a girl’s day. It sparkles!

I am now sitting here at my PC, drinking some chocolate milk and have just discovered that John Douglas, former FBI profiler, is working with a production company on a new TV show. Hallelujah.

Have a good night, all.

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