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It’s my birthday

Thank you, thank you all !

Today I turn .. err .. 38 and I just want to thank my blog readers for giving me such a huge warm welcome to WordPress. When I made this switch, I really didn’t think I would get many readers but I have been pleasantly surprised. Lots of readers, lots of people commenting! So thanks so much.  Now off to have a very special birthday breakfast!

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He said, she said, then the whore said…


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I read an article online the other day – I forget which site – but it claimed that lots of relationships break up because of people’s Facebook interactions. Partners check into each other’s accounts and find various discrepancies. The article didn’t state what the problem was but I am guessing infidelity or just flirting and socializing with different people online. If the article speaks the truth, then I don’t think Facebook is the problem. Of course, Facebook is a big huge playground of communication, flirting, laughing, sharing things – even sharing things that you might not want to share with your spouse – but Facebook is just a slice of the world. If you have a problem with your partner writing on Facebook, then you probably have a problem with your partner being social outside of Facebook, too. Right?

You’re not gonna tell me that it’s alright for your partner to socialize at parties and other places but not on Facebook? It all comes down to trust. If you’ve caught someone cheating on you on Facebook, chances are that he/she would probably have cheated on you if there was no Facebook, no online world in which to go hunting for new adventures.

I understand it’s different if you’re with a “player”, as they call them. Some men and women are just incredibly flirtatious and not very loyal to one partner. That’s not the internet’s fault though. Sure, it’s an excellent hunting ground and a place to cheat if you’re so inclined. Player online = player offline. In my book. You can take Facebook away from the player but you can’t take that inclination to cheat away.

What’s your opinion about this? Have you ever been cheated on? Did you discover he/she was secretly flirting with another person online?

Insecurity will bring you loneliness. And just because that big breasted lady thinks your guy is oh so charming and I’m the one who keeps yelling at him and telling him to stop being annoying, it doesn’t mean he is going anywhere. Right?

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