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Dear doughnut.. I mean Jesus


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Dear Jesus, please help me lose weight. Until this point I have counted on the LWBSOMAAD Factor: Losing Weight By Sitting On My Ass All Day – and alas, it has not worked. Let me just admit this to you right away. I am weak. Can I pass the candy department at the supermarket without buying anything? No. Can I (recently) pass the bakery without feeling an immediate, intense need for doughnuts? No. I may decide that today I will exercise – at least go 10 kilometers on my bike that is situated right smack in the middle of my living room and in front of the television and lo and behold, no exercise has been done when evening arrives. By then I enter into the ‘oh well, tomorrow is another day’ state of mind. Putting it off. Eating a little so I don’t feel so darn guilty.

Then in the morning I look in the mirror and act surprised. Like I am looking at some stranger who has absolutely no will power. I used to be slim back in the day but now I have drifted into this lifestyle of not moving a lot, eating unhealthy junk and whining about how I need to lose weight.

I keep thinking ‘Just do it’. It can’t be that difficult to get out of my chair. I might possibly have a tiny bit of a computer addiction going on. I admit it. Perhaps I should start small, take baby steps. Like go 1 kilometer on my bike per day. It sounds absolutely pathetic, I know, but it is a major step for human kind. If I keep doing what I am doing now, I can stand next to Oprah and she will appear slim. No offense.

Anyway, it’s late, I have been up since the crack of dawn and I have done absolutely nothing exercise wise all day. I have eaten way too much, of course .. and my mind is absolutely confused (probably too much sugar)!

I’ll sleep now. Tomorrow morning I am starting over. New attitude, new schedule, new outlook, new.. whoa, a cream doughnut.. yummm…

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Hello Kitty therapy

If you feel blue, go shopping. So I did. By the way, the blueness has more turned into a greenish kinda thing, the kind where you are not really concerned so much but still feel a little sting when a certain person comes to mind . . but I much prefer green to blue.

So I went shopping this morning and I came back with two things – which is totally amazing for me since I usually come back with pretty much nothing. My mind is forever going ‘I don’t need this’, ‘I can probably get a used one of these elsewhere’, ‘My dad can probably find me one of these’.. and so on. But today I kicked some serious shopping ass.

First of all, new pair of trousers, tight fit – or as some would say ‘Wow you are really punishing those trousers‘.

And the second purchase:

Hello Kitty eye shadow, six shades. There’s just nothing like Hello Kitty to brighten a girl’s day. It sparkles!

I am now sitting here at my PC, drinking some chocolate milk and have just discovered that John Douglas, former FBI profiler, is working with a production company on a new TV show. Hallelujah.

Have a good night, all.

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Goodbye Sunday

And I can’t tell you how glad I am you won’t ever show your ugly face again! Anxiety wise, this was a rough day. Crying, feeling like my mind has been permanently lost, not at ease anywhere.. and so on. I am just gonna close the book on this day and hope tomorrow is better.

PS. I question if I should keep doing online videos. Nobody seems to watch and I have very little to say. Well I have plenty but the stuff I want to say is too private to be posted anywhere.

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